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"Old and young, boy, let 'em all eat, I have it ; Let 'em have ten tire of teeth a-piece, I care not." ROILO, DtJKE OP NOEMANDY.

Margaret went home so painfully occupied with what she had heard and seen that she hardly knew how to rouse herself up to the duties which awaited her ; the necessity for keeping up a constant flow of cheerful conversation for her mother, who, now that she was unable to go out, always looked to Mar- garet's return from the shortest walk as bringing in some news.

  • ' And can your factory friend come on Thursday

to see you dressed ? " " She was so ill I never thought of asking her," said Margaret, dolefully. " Dear ! Everybody is ill now, I thmk," said Mrs. Hale, with a little of the jealousy which one invalid is apt to feel of another. " But it must be very sad to be ill in one of those little back streets." (Her kindly nature prevailing, and the old Helstone habits of thought returning.) "It's bad enough here. What could you do for her, Margaret ? Mr. Thornton has sent me some of his old port wine R 2