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"On earth is known to none The smile that is not sister to a tear." Elliott.

Margaret and her father walked home. The night was fine, the streets clean, and with her pretty- white silk, like Leezie Lindsay's gown o' green satin, in the ballad, " kilted up to her knee," she was off with her father — ready to dance along with the ex- citement of the cool, fresh night air.

  • ' I rather think Thornton is not quite easy in liis

mind about this strike. He seemed very anxious to-night."

  • ' I should wonder if he were not. But he spoke

with his usual coolness to the others, when they suggested different tilings, just before we came away." " So he did after dinner as well. It would take a good deal to stir him from his cool manner of speaking ; but his face strikes me as anxious." " I should be, if I were he. He must know of the growing anger and hardly smothered hatred of his workpeople, who all look upon him as what the Bible calls a ' hard man,' — not so much unjust as unfeeling ; clear in judgment, standing upon his