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"But work grew scarce, while bread grew dear, And wages lessened, too ; For Irisli hordes were bidders here, Our half -paid work to do," CoKN Law Rhymes,

Margaret was sliown into the drawing-room. It had returned into its normal state of bag and covering. The windows were half open because of the heat, and the Venetian blinds covered the glass, — so that a gray grim, light, reflected from the pave- ment below, threw all the shadows wrong, and com- bined with the green-tinged upper hght to make even Margaret's own face, as she caught it in the mirrors, look ghastly and wan. She sat and waited ; no one came. Every now and then, the wind seemed to bear the distant multitudinous sound nearer ; and yet there was no wind ! It died away into profound stillness between whiles. Fanny came in at last. " Mamma will come directly. Miss Hale. She desired me to apologise to you as it is. Perhaps you know my brother has imported hands from Ireland, and it has irritated the Milton people