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(3) If the applicant sends such counter-statement, the Registrar shall serve a copy thereof on the person giving notice of opposition.

(4) Any evidence upon which the opponent and the applicant may rely shall be submitted in such manner and within the such time as may be prescribed to the Registrar, and the Registrar shall give an opportunity to them to be heard, if they so desire.

(5) The Registrar shall, after hearing the parties, if so required, and considering the evidence, decide whether and subject to what conditions or limitations, if any, the registration is to be permitted, and may take into account a ground of objection whether relied upon by the opponent or not.

(6) Where a person giving notice of opposition or an applicant sending a counter-statement after receipt of a copy of such notice neither resides nor carries on business in India, the Registrar may require him to give security for the costs of proceeding before him, and in default of such security being duly given, may treat the opposition or application, as the case may be, as abandoned.

(7) The Registrar may, on request, permit correction of any error in, or any amendment of, a notice of opposition or a counter-statement on such terms as he thinks just.

Correction and amendment.15. The Registrar may, on such terms, as he thinks just, at any time, whether before or after acceptance of an application for registration under section 11, permit the correction of any error or in connection with the application or permit an amendment of the application:

Provided that if an amendment is made to a single application referred to in sub-section (3) of section 11 involving division of such application into two or more applications, the date of making of the initial application shall be deemed to be the date of making of the divided applications so divided.

Registration.16. (1) Subject to the provisions of section 12, when an application for registration of a geographical indication has been accepted and either—

(a) the application has not been opposed and the time for notice of opposition has expired; or

(b) the application has been opposed and the opposition has been decided in favour of the applicant,

the Registrar shall, unless the Central Government otherwise directs, register the said geographical indication and the authorised users, if any, mentioned in the application and the geographical indication and the authorised users when registered shall be registered as of the date of the making of the said application and that date shall, subject to the provisions of section 84, be deemed to be the date of registration.

(2) On the registration of a geographical indication, the Registrar shall issue each to the applicant and the authorised users, if registered with the geographical indication, a certificate in such form as may be prescribed of the registration thereof, sealed with the seal of the Geographical Indications Registry.

(3) Where registration of a geographical indication is not completed within twelve months form the date of the application by reason of default on the part of the applicant, the Registrar may, after giving notice to the applicant in the prescribed manner, treat the application as abandoned unless it is completed within the time specified in that behalf in the notice.

(4) The Registrar may amend the register or a certificate of registration for the purpose of correcting a clerical error or an obvious mistake.

Application for registration to authorised user.17. (1) Any person claiming to be the producer of the goods in respect of which a geographical indication has been registered under section 16 may apply in writing to the Registrar in the prescribed manner for registering him as an authorised user of such as geographical indication.