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have studied, and which I partly understand. But the experiment which I have just witnessed (if I may call it an experiment) surely implies principles which far transcend any with which I am in the slightest degree acquainted.

Davelli. "Transcend" them, yes, but are nevertheless closely related to them, and are never at variance with them. But I can put you through an experience quite similar to that which I have myself just undergone. You shall judge for yourself then."

He came quite near me, and went on to speak in a tone at once masterful and persuasive.

"You shall experience my power," he said, "and you shall criticise it. I will send you hence and back in quite a little time. You will remember what you see, and you shall compare it with what you know of your own world, and you shall say then whether it is not worth your while to come and join us. If you join us you will know nothing of what you call death, for death cannot touch the dwellers in space."

As he said these last words I felt a shudder pass through me; it reminded me of something, I knew not what, but afterwards I remembered.

"Cannot death touch you?" I said. "Not even when you are dwelling here with us?"