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all," he said. "If you give in to him we're both done for."

"I won't give in to him."

"Good; but if he knows for certain that you are resisting him, he may take immediate action, and then also we shall be done for."

"He will give me more than one trial."

"I think he will, but, any way, we are not likely to have as much time as we thought. I would say, let us try to-night, but we are watched so closely, that it is not possible. We had better say to-morrow night."

"So be it," said I.

Then we went to our quarters and had some food and a little rest. Then we walked backward and forward on the same path again. About an hour after dark we retired for the night, and when we had passed into the inner room we could see the bright light already shining before the doors. The watch upon us was close and constant.