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will have to live among them, and to live as they live, if they let you live at all."

"But we have our compasses and the telegraph line."

"That would be all very well if it were a country through which you could make a 'bee line.' But you will want water and food, and you cannot get either without the help of the blacks."

"But," said I, "Gioro will come back with us."

"Gioro is a very good fellow, but if I were you I would not put myself altogether in his hands like that. He won't understand your anxiety to get away; he will think you are very well as you are. His interest in his own people will make him careless about you."

"But I know Gioro well, and I should trust him anywhere." So said I, and Jack eagerly agreed with me.

"But," said Mr. Fetherston, "Gioro may die or may be killed; they fight a great deal, and those who have been among white men are often subject to special enmity."

"I expect we shall have to chance that," said Jack. "Any of us may die or be killed."

"Well, gentlemen, wilful men you know—— I don't pretend to any right to constrain you, only let it