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Devil. "Young man, I am the devil in a human form; and the best poet going; care nothing about your master, but promise to serve me faithfully, and I will compose such delectable verses for you that they shall excel those of your pedagogue himself."

Celestinus, tempted by this insidious proposal, gave his word to serve him faithfully if he fulfilled his engagement. The devil then produced the following verses.

Bound by a thong, that passed along
A horse's mangy hide;
Two sheep there lay, as I you say[1],
One upon either side.

The steed uprose, and upward goes
Each sheep with dangling breech;
Borne by the horse's rapid course,
The miller's hut they reach.

  1. i. e. As I tell you; or, say to you.

    "He said, ' Madam, have good day!
    Sekerly, as I you say.'"
    Romance of Sir Isumbras.