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Dr. C. G. Abbot -- 3

This test was an important one, in that it demonstrated that the problems of pumping, governing, and control of heating were solved, but it also showed that a rocket on as small a scale as this model would not lift itself sufficiently to give a flight, including, as it did, devices which would not be necessary in a larger rocket.

Test of March 16, 1926

Although the problem of satisfactory operation was solved, it was not possible to have a flight unless a larger model were made, or a different principle, permitting greater lightness, were employed. The construction of a larger model was not undertaken because of expense, and another plan of construction was used, which involved back pressure in the supply tanks, and eliminated the pumps, engines, and most of the moving parts, but did not permit such accurate control of the combustion, nor the use of the lightest form of supply tanks, as did the previous model. A test of January 20, in the testing frame above mentioned, indicated a pull throughout the test of more than 9 lbs., and a similar model, of as light construction as possible, was accordingly made. The lack of control of combustion manifested itself in the frequent burning out of the nozzles.

In a test made March 16, out of doors, with a model of this lighter type, weighing 5¾ lbs. empty and 10¼ lbs. loaded with liquids, the lower part of the nozzle burned