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illustrate all the steps in the experiments. I doubt if this manuscript could be entirely finished for several weeks, owing to work connected with beginning the college year. A talk could, however, be presented on much shorter notice.

In the meantime, you would do me a great favor if you would give me some information upon the following points:

1st. Would the Smithsonian Institution be willing to bring together a committee to investigate the method of reaching high altitudes which I have herein briefly summarized?

2nd. Upon favorable report of such a committee, would the Smithsonian Institution be willing to take upon itself the recommending of a fund, sufficiently large to continue the work, either from a society, as the National Geographic Society, or from private individuals?

I realize that in sending this communication I have taken a certain liberty; but I feel that it is to the Smithsonian Institution alone that I must look, now that I cannot continue the work unassisted. I am

Yours sincerely,

Robert H. Goddard