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To the Reader.

Good Reader, when I first penned this diſcourſe, I intended it chiefly for the ſatisfaction of my priuate friends, but ſince that time haue been perſwaded to publiſh the ſame: And the rather, becauſe of a diſorderly Colony that are diſperſed, and most of them returned, to the great preiudice and dammage of him that ſet them forth; who, as they were a ſtaine to old England that bred them, in reſpect of their liues and manners amongſt the Indians: So it is to be feared, will bee no leſſe to New-England in their vile and clamorous reports, becauſe ſhee would not foſter them in their deſired idle courſes. I would not bee vnderſtood to thinke there were no wel-deſeruing perſons amongſt them: for of mine owne knowledge it was a griefe to ſome that they were ſo yoaked; whoſe deſerts, as they were then ſuitable to their honeſt proteſtations, ſo I deſire ſtill may be, in reſpect of their iuſt and true Relations.

Peraduenture thou wilt rather maruell that I deale ſo plainely, then any way doubt the truth of this my Relation, yea, it may be tax me therewith, as ſeeming rather to diſcourage men, then any way to further ſo noble an action? If any honeſt minde be diſcouraged, I am ſorry,