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Good Newes from New-England.

life; but aſſured vs that vpon his relation of our ſpeech then with him to his Maſter, he would be friends with vs. Of this we informed the Gouernour and his Aſſiſtant, and Captain Standiſh, who after conſultation conſidered him howſoeuer but in the ſtate of a meſſenger, and it being as well againſt the Law of Armes amongſt them as vs in Europe, to lay violent hands on any ſuch, ſet him at liberty, the Gouernour giuing him order to certifie his Maſter that he had heard of his large and many threatnings, at which hee was much offended, daring him in thoſe reſpects to the vtmost, if he would not be reconciled to liue peaceably as other his neighbours; manifeſting withall (as euer) his deſire of peace; but his feareleſſe reſolution, if he could not ſo liue amongſt them. After which he cauſed meat to be offered him, but he refuſed to eat, making all ſpeed to returne, and giuing many thanks for his liberty. But requeſting the other Indian againe to return, the weather being violent, he vſed many words to perſwade him to ſtay longer, but could not. Whereupon he left him, and ſaid he was with his friends, and would not take a iourney in ſuch extremie.

After this when Tiſquantum returned, and the arrowes were deliuered, and the manner of the meſſengers cariage related, he ſignified to the Gouernour, that to ſend the rattle Snakes skin in that manner, imported enmitie, and that it was no better than a challenge. Hereupon after ſome deliberation, the Gouernour ſtuffed the skin with powder and ſhot, and ſent it backe, returning no leſſe defiance to Conanacus, aſſuring him if hee had ſhipping now preſent thereby to ſend his men to Nanohigganſet (the place of his abode) they ſhould not need to come ſo farre by land to vs: yet withall ſhewing that they ſhould neuer come vnwelcome or vnlooked for. This meſſage was ſent by an Indian, and deliuered in ſuch ſort, as it was no ſmall terrour to this ſauage

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