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cauſe the weather was cold, to haue ſent to the Boat for the reſt of his company, but he would not, deſiring according to promiſe, that the corne might be caried downe, and hee would content the women for their labour, which they did. At the ſame time there was a luſty Indian of Paomet or Cape Cod then preſent, who had euer demeaned himſelfe well towards vs, being in his generall cariage, very affable, courteous, and louing, eſpecially towards the Captaine. This Sauage was now entred into confederacie with the reſt, yet to auoid ſuſpition, made many ſignes of his continued affections, and would needs beſtow a kettle of ſome ſix or ſeuen gallons on him, and would not accept of any thing in lieu thereof, ſaying, he was rich, and could afford to beſtow ſuch fauours on his friends whom he loued: alſo he would freely helpe to carry ſome of the corne, affirming he had neuer done the like in his life before, and the wind being bad would needs lodge with him at their Randeuow, hauing indeed vndertaken to kill him before they parted, which done they intended to fall vpon the reſt. The night proued exceeding cold, inſomuch as the Captaine could not take any reſt, but either walked or turned himſelfe to and fro at the fire: This the other obſerued, and asked wherefore hee did not ſleepe as at other times, who anſwered he knew not well, but had no deſire at all to reſt. So that hee then miſt his opportunity. The wind ſeruing on the next day, they returned home, accompanied with the other Indian, who vſed many arguments to perſwade them to go to Paomet, where himſelfe had much corne, and many other, the moſt whereof he would procure for vs, ſeeming to ſorrow for our wants. Once the Captaine put forth with him, and was forced back by contrary wind; which wind ſeruing for the Maſſachuſet, was fitted to goe thither. But on a ſudden it altered againe.

During the time that the Captaine was at Manomet, newes came to Plimoth, that Maſſaſſowat was like to die, and that at the ſame time there was a Dutch ſhip driven ſo