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Good Newes from New-England

the like are returned againe vpon him. Amongſt other things he asked me, If in caſe he were thus dangerouſly ſicke, as Maſſaſſowat had beene, and ſhould ſend word thereof to Patuxet for Maskiet, that is, Phyſicke, whether then Mr Gouernour would ſend it? And if he would, whether I would come therewith to him? To both which I anſwered yea, whereat he gaue me many ioyfull thankes. After that, being at his house he demanded further, how wee durſt being but two come ſo farre into the Countrey? I anſwered, where was true loue there was no feare, and my heart was ſo vpright towards them that for mine owne part I was feareles to come amongſt them. But, ſaid he, if your loue be ſuch, and it bring forth ſuch fruits, how cometh it to paſſe, that when wee come to Patuxet, you ſtand vpon your guard, with the mouths of your Peeces preſented towards vs? Whereunto I anſwered, it was the moſt honourable and reſpectiue entertainement we could giue them; it being an order amongſt vs ſo to receiue our beſt reſpected friends: and as it was vſed on the Land, ſo the ſhips obſerued it alſo at Sea, which Hobbamock knew, and had ſeene obſerued. But ſhaking the head he anſwered, that he liked not ſuch sſlutations.

Further, obſeruing vs to craue a bleſſing on our meate before we did eate, and after to giue thankes for the ſame, he asked vs what was the meaning of that ordinary cuſtome? Hereupon I took occaſion to tell them of Gods workes of Creation, and Preſeruation, of his Lawes and Ordinances, eſpecially of the ten Commandements, all which they hearkened vnto with great attention, and liked well of: onely the seuenth Commandement they excepted againſt, thinking there were many inconueniences in it, that a man ſhould be tyed to one woman: about which we reaſoned a good time. Alſo I told them that whatſoeuer good things wee had, we receiued from God, as the Author and giuer thereof, and therefore craued his bleſſing vpon that we had, and were about to eate, that it might nouriſh and ſtrengthen our bodies, and hauing eaten ſuf-