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Hobbamock, who was then with them, and told him hee vnderſtood that the Captaine was come to kill himſelfe and the reſt of the Saluages there, tell him ſayd hee wee know it, but feare him not, neither will wee ſhunne him; but let him beginne when hee dare, he ſhall not take vs at vnawares: many times after diuerſe of them ſeuerally, or few together, came to the Plantation to him, where they would whet and ſharpen the points of their kniues before his face, and vſe many other inſulting geſtures and ſpeeches. Amongſt the reſt, Wituwamat bragged of the excellency of his knife; on the end of the handle there was pictured a womens face, but ſayd hee, I haue another at home wherewith I haue killed both French and Engliſh, and that hath a mans face on it, and by and by theſe two muſt marry: Further hee ſayd of that knife hee there had; Hinnaim namen, hinnaim michen, matta cuts: that is to ſay, By and by it ſhould ſee, and by and by it ſhould eate, but not ſpeake. Alſo Peckſuot being a man of greater ſtature then the Captaine, told him though hee were a great Captaine, yet hee was but a little man: and ſayd he, though I be no Sachim, yet I am a man of great ſtrength and courage. Theſe things the Captaine obſerued, yet bare with patience for the preſent. On the next day, ſeeing hee could not get many of them together at once, and this Pecksuot and Wituwamat both together, with another man, and a youth of ſome eighteene yeeres of age, which was brother to Wituwamat, and villaine-like trode in his ſteps, dayly putting many tricks vpon the weaker ſort of men, and hauing about as many of his owne Company in a roome with them, gaue the word to his men, and the doore being faſt ſhut began himſelfe with Pecksuot, and ſnatching his owne knife from his neck though with much ſtruggling killed him therewith, the point whereof hee had made as ſharpe as a needle, and ground the backe alſo to an edge: Wituwamat and the other man, the reſt killed, and tooke the youth, whom the Cap. cauſed to be hanged; but it is incredible how many