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vision by the way; which he did, scarce leaving himself more than brought them home. Some of them disliked the choice of the body to go to Monhiggan, and therefore desiring to go with him to Plymouth, he took them into the shallop: and seeing them set sail and clear of the Massachusetts bay, he took leave and returned to Plymouth, whither he came in safety (blessed be God) and brought the head of Wituwamat with him. Amongst the rest there was an Indian youth that was ever of a courteous and loving disposition towards Us, he notwithstanding the death of his Countrymen came to the Captain without fear, saying his good conscience and love towards us emboldened him so to do. This youth confessed that the Indians intended to kill Mr. Weston's people, and not to delay any longer then till they had two more Canoes or Boats, which Mr. Weston's men would have finished by this time (having made them three already) had not the Captain prevented them, and the end of stay for those Boats, was to take their Ship therewith. Now was the Captain returned and received with joy, and the head being brought to the fort and there set up, the Governors and Captains with divers others went up the same further to examine the prisoner, who looked piteously on the head, being asked whether he knew it, he answered, yea: Then he confessed the plot, and that all the people provoked Obtakiest their Sachem hereunto, being drawn to it by their importunity: Five there were (he said) that prosecuted it with more eagerness then the rest, the two principal were killed, being Pecksuot and Witowamat, whose head was there, the other three were Powahs, being yet living, and known unto Us, though one of them was wounded, as aforesaid. For himself he would not acknowledge that he had any hand therein, begging earnest for his life, saying, he was not a Massachusetts man, but as a stranger lived with them. Hobomok also gave a good report of him, and besought for him but was bribed so