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Good Newes from New-England.

but can vnderſtand them, and explaine our ſelues to their vnderſtanding, by the helpe of thoſe that daily converve with vs. And though there be difference in an hundred miles diſtance of place, both in language and manners, yet not ſo much but that they very well vnderſtand each other. And thus much of their liues and manners.

In ſtead of Records and Chronicles, they take this courſe, where any remarkeable act is done, in memorie of it, either in the place, or by ſome path-way neere adioyning, they make a round hole in the ground about a foote deepe, and as much over, which when others paſſing by behold, they enquire the cauſe and occaſion of the ſame, which being once knowne, they are carefull to acquaint all men, as occaſion ſerueth therewith. And leaſt ſuch holes ſhould be filled, or growne vp by any accident, as men paſſe by they will oft renew the ſame: By which means many things of great Antiquitie are freſh in memory. So that as a man travelleth, if he can vnderstand his guide, his iourney will be the leſſe tedious, by reaſon of the many hiſtoricall Diſcourses will be related vnto him.

In all this it may be ſaid, I haue neither prayſed nor diſprayſed the Country: and ſince I liued ſo long therein, my iudgment thereof will giue no leſſe ſatiſfaction to them that know me, then the Relation of our proceedings. To which I anſwere, that as in one ſo of the other, I will ſpeake as ſparingly as I can, yet will make knowne what I conceiue thereof.

And firſt for that Continent, on which wee are called New England, although it hath ever beene conceived by the Engliſh to be a part of that maine Land adioyning to Virginia, yet by relation of the Indians it ſhould appeare to be otherwisſ: for they affirme confidently, that it is an Iland, and that either the Dutch or French paſſe thorow from Sea to Sea, betweene vs and Virginia, and driue a great Trade in the ſame. The name of that inlet of the Sea they call Mohegon, which I take to be the ſame which we call Hudſons River, vp which Maſter Hudſon went many

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