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try Merchants of England, which returne incredible gaines yearely from thence. And if they can ſo doe which here buy their ſalt at a great charge, and tranſport more Company to make their voyage, then will ſaile their Ships, what may the planters expect when once they are ſeated, and make the most of their ſalt there, and imploy themſelues at leſt eight moneths in fiſhing, whereas the other fiſh but foure, and haue their ſhip lie dead in the harbour all the time, whereas ſuch ſhipping as belong to plantations, may take fraight of pavſengers or cattell thither, and haue their lading provided againſt they come. I confeſſe, we haue come so farre ſhort of the meanes to raiſe ſuch returnes, as with great difficultie wee haue preſerued our liues; inſomuch, as when I looke backe vpon our condition, and weake meanes to preſerue the ſame, I rather admire at Gods mercy and providence in our preſervation, then that no greater things haue beene effected by vs. But though our beginning haue beene thus raw, ſmall, and difficult, as thou haſt ſeene, yet the ſame God that hath hitherto led vs thorow the former, I hope will raiſe means to accomplivh the latter. Not that we altogether, or principally propound profit to be the maine end of that wee haue vndertaken, but the glory of God, and the honour of our Country, in the inlarging of his Maiesties Dominions, yet wanting outward meanes, to ſet things in that forwardneſſe we deſire, and to further the latter by the former, I thought meete to offer both to conſideration, hoping that where Religion and profit iump together (which is rare) in ſo honourable an action, it will encourage euery honeſt man, either in perſon or purſe, to ſet forward the ſame, or at leaſt-wiſe to commend the well-fare thereof in his daily prayers to the bleſving of the bleſſed God.

I will not againe ſpeake of the abundance of fowle, ſtore of Veniſon, and variety of Fiſh, in their ſeaſons, which might incourage many to goe in their perſons, only I adviſe all ſuch before hand to conſider, that as they heare of Countries that abound with the good creatures of