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Good Newes from New-England.

and humors, ſpare not to lay that imputation vpon the Country, and others, which themſelues deſerue.

As for example, I haue heard ſome complaine of others for their large reports of New England, and yet becauſe they muſt drinke water and want many delicates they here enioyed, could preſently returne with their mouthes full of clamours. And can any bee ſo ſimple as to conceiue that the fountaines ſhould ſtreame forth Wine, or Beare, or the woods and rivers be like Butchers-ſhops, or fiſh-mongers ſtalles, where they might haue things taken to their hands. If thou canſt not liue without ſuch things, and haſt no meanes to procure the one, and wilt not take paines for the other, nor haſt ability to employ others for thee, reſt where thou art: for as a proud heart, a dainty tooth, a beggers purſe, and an idle hand, bee here intollerable, ſo that perſon that hath theſe qualities there, is much more abhominable. If therefore God hath giuen thee a heart to vndertake ſuch courſes, vpon ſuch grounds as bear thee out in all difficulties, viz. his glory as a principall, and all other outward good things but as acceſſaries, which peradventure thou ſhalt enioy, and it may be not: then thou wilt with true comfort and thankfulnes receiue the leaſt of his mercies; whereas on the contrary, men depriue themſelues of much happineſſe, being ſenſleſſe of greater bleſſings, and through preiudice smoother vp the loue and bounty of God, whoſe name be euer glorified in vs, and by vs, now and euermore. Amen.