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Mrs. Margery Two-Shoes.

py yourſelf, delight in making your fellow Creatures miſerable? Do you think the poor Birds, whoſe Neſt and young ones that wicked Boy Dick Wilſon ran away with Yeſterday, do not feel as much Pain, as your Father and Mother would have felt, had any one pulled down their Houſe and ran away with you? To be ſure they do. Mrs. Two-Shoes uſed to ſpeak of thoſe Things, and of naughty Boys throwing at Cocks, torturing Flies, and whipping Horſes and Dogs, with Tears in her Eyes, and would never ſuffer any one to come to her School who did ſo.

One Day, as ſhe was going through the next Village, ſhe met with ſome wicked Boys who had got a young Raven, which they were going to throw at, ſhe wanted to get the poor Creature out of their cruel Hands,

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