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The Renowned Hiſtory of

However, at laſt ſhe revived; but the Shock was ſo great, that it entirely deprived her of her Speech.

Thus loaded with Miſery, and unable to bear the Slights and Diſdain of thoſe who had formerly profeſſed themſelves Friends, this unhappy Family retired into a Country, where they were unknown, in order to hide themſelves from the World; when, to ſupport their Independency, the Father laboured as well as he could at Huſbandry, and the Mother and Daughter ſometimes got ſpinning and knitting Work, to help to furniſh the Means of Subſiſtence; which however was ſo precarious and uncertain, that they often, for many Weeks together, lived on nothing but Cabbage and Bread boiled in Water. But God never forſaketh the Righteous, nor ſuffereth thoſe to