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Mrs. Margery Two-Shoes.

properly placed will fire a Houſe; an angry Word is with you as that Spark, for you are both as touchy as Tinder, and very often make your own Houſe too hot to hold you. To prevent this, therefore, and to live happily for the future, you muſt ſolemnly agree, that if one ſpeaks an angry Word, the other will not anſwer, 'till he or ſhe has diſtinctly called over all the Letters in the Alphabet, and the other not reply, 'till he has told twenty; by this Means your Paſſions will be ſtifled, and Reaſon will have Time to take the Role.

This is the beſt Recipe that was ever given for a married Couple to live in Peace: Though John and his Wife frequently attempted to quarrel afterwards, they never could get their Paſſions to any conſiderable Height,