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The Renowned Hiſtory of

a Witch! a Witch! upon this ſhe laughing, anſwered, a Conjurer! a Conjurer! and ſo they parted; but it did not end thus, for a Warrant was iſſued out againſt Mrs. Margery, and ſhe was carried to a Meeting of the Juſtices, whither all the Neighbours followed her. At the Meeting, one of the Juſtices, who knew little of Life, and leſs of the Law, behaved very idly; and though no Body was able to prove any Thing againſt her, aſked, who ſhe could bring to her Character? Who can you bring againſt my Character, Sir, ſays ſhe, there are People enough who would appear in my Defence, were it neceſſary; but I never ſuppoſed that any one here could be ſo weak, as to believe there was any ſuch Thing as a Witch. If I am a Witch, this is my