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The Renowned Hiſtory of

try. One Gentleman in particular, I mean Sir Charles Jones, had conceived ſuch an high Opinion of her, that he offered her a conſiderable Sum to take the Care of his Family, and the Education of his Daughter, which, however, ſhe refuſed; but this Gentleman, ſending for her afterwards when he had a dangerous Fit of illneſs, ſhe went, and behaved ſo prudently in the Family, and ſo tenderly to him and his Daughter, that he would not permit her to leave his Houſe, but ſoon after made her Propoſals of Marriage. She was truly ſenſible of the Honour he intended her, but, though poor, ſhe would not conſent to be made a Lady, till he had effectually provided for his Daughter; for ſhe told him, that Power was a dangerous Thing to be truſted with, and that a good Man