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The Renowned Hiſtory of

ran into the Church, and cry'd, Stop! ſtop! This greatly alarmed the Congregation, particularly the intended Bride and Bridegroom, whom he firſt accoſted, and deſired to ſpeak with them apart. After they had been talking ſome little Time, the People were greatly ſurprized to ſee Sir Charles ſtand Motionleſs, and his Bride cry, and faint away in the Stranger's Arms. This ſeeming Grief, however, was only a Prelude to a Flood of joy, which immediately ſucceeded; for you muſt know, gentle Reader, that this Gentleman, ſo richly dreſſed and bedizened with Lace, was that identical little Boy, whom you before ſaw in the Sailor's Habit; in ſhort, it was little Tom Two-Shoes, Mrs. Margery’s Brother, who was juſt come from beyond Sea, where he had made a large Fortune,