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The Renowned Hiſtory of

At her firſt coming into Power, ſhe took Care to gratify her old Friends, eſpecially Mr. and Mrs. Smith, whoſe Family ſhe made happy.———She paid great Regard to the Poor, made their intereſt her own, and to induce them to come regularly to Church, ſhe ordered a Loaf, or the Price of a Loaf, to be given to every one who would accept of it. This brought many of them to Church, who by degrees learned their Duty, and then came on a more noble Principle. She alſo took Care to encourage Matrimony; and in order to induce her Tenants and Neighbours to enter into that happy State, ſhe always gave the young Couple ſomething towards Houſe-keeping; and ſtood Godmother to all their Children, whom ſhe had in Parties, every Sunday Evening, to teach them their Catechiſm, and