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ing, and ſhe began to think that Guineas were pretty Things. To ſuppreſs this Turbulence of Mind, which was a Symptom of approaching Avarice, ſhe ſaid her Prayers earlier than uſual, and at Night had the following Dream; which I ſhall relate in her own Words.

"Methought, as I ſlept, a Genii ſtept up to me with French Commode, which having placed on my Head, he ſaid, now go and be happy; for from henceforth every Thing you touch ſhall turn to Gold, Willing to try the Experiment, I gently touched the Bedpoſt and Furniture, which immediately became maſſy Gold burniſhed, and of ſurprizing Brightneſs. I then touched the Walls of the Houſe, which aſſumed the ſame Appearance, and looked amazingly magnificent. Elated with this wonderful Gift, I rang haſtily for my Maid to carry the joyful News to her Maſter, who, as I thought, was then walking in the Garden. Sukey came, but in the Extacy I was in, happening to touch her Hand, ſhe became inſtantly an immovaable Statue.