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deſcribing the pariſh of Mouldwell, where little Margery was born, an exact picture is drawn of "The Deſerted Village," where

One only maſter graſps the whole domain
And half a tillage tints thy ſmiling plain;

And where

——the man of wealth and pride
Takes up a ſpace that many a poor ſupplied
Space for his lakes his park's extended bounds,
Space for his horſes, equipage, and hounds.

And by this and other tyrannies, and being alſo

Scourged by famine from the ſmiling land,

or he was "unfortunate in his buſineſs" at about the fame time, Sir Timothy accomplices his aim, and

Indignant ſpurns the cottage from the green.

Ruined by this oppreſſion, poor Mr