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The Renowned Hiſtory of

Time he was poſſeſſed of every Farm, but that occupied by little Margery's Father; which he alſo wanted; for as Mr. Meanwell was a charitable good Man, he ſtood up for the Poor at the Pariſh Meetings, and was unwilling to have them oppreſſed by Sir Timothy, and this avaricious Farmer.—Judge, oh kind, humane and courteous Reader, what a terrible Situation the Poor muſt be in, when this covetous Man was perpetual Overſeer, and every Thing for their Maintenance was drawn from his hard Heart and cruel Hand. But he was not only perpetual Overſeer, but perpetual Church-warden; and judge, oh ye Chriſtians, what State the Church muſt be in, when ſupported by a Man without Religion or Virtue. He was alſo perpetual Surveyor of the Highways, and what Sort of Roads he kept up