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Go mbuaḋaiḋ Dia leat! God grant you success!
Slán codalta na h-oiḋċe agat! Sound night’s sleep to you!
Go gcodlair go sáṁ! May you sleep peacefully.
Bail ó Ḋia ort! God bless you!
Cuideaċan Dé leat! May God accompany you!
Fad saoġail agat! Long life to you !
Buaiḋ leat! Success to you!
Raṫ go raiḃ ort!
’Seaḋ! Well!
’Seaḋ anois! There now!
Cogar i leiṫ! Whisper (here)!
Ambasa! Indeed!
Mo ġraiḋin croiḋe ṫu! Bravo!
A ċuid! My dear!
Aċ aiḋe! Dear me!




455. The following is a list of the principal prefixes used in Irish. Some of them have double forms owing to the rule caol le caol.