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of the valley, and are plainly the product of intense metamorphic action, upon the variegated marl-beds.

Passing beneath Spinosa, I scanned the town narrowly with the telescope; but although many buildings were prostrate and fractured, it did not appear to offer much, to reward the time and labour of ascent; and being only about five miles in a right line from Saponara, ascertainment of direction here was of less importance. I obtained from some houses at the base, however, a satisfactory measurement of the latter from fissures, which gave 134° 30′ E. of north for the wave-path. Owing to circumstances of stone-work and apertures, &c., they could not be relied upon as to emergence, beyond proving that it was from the N.W. The owner of one of those houses informed me, that his business frequently brought him to Castel Saraceno, about ten miles to the south, and that there the shock had been felt from N.W. to S.E., or 135° E. of north.