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gospel is the record of heaven concerning Christ, and it is not the creed of any society of Christians. 4. It is the indispensible duty of all Christians, to confess Christ, by a bold and faithful testimony for truth. The greater part of men, alas! are at ease in Zion, with regard to the concerns of their souls, and of the honour of the Redeemer. The things of the world engross their attention and time, and they are like the deaf adder to the voice of religion. The church may rise or fall for them, may increase or decrease, the godly may be few or many, oppressed or in prosperity, it is all indifferent to them; but this lukewarmness is very hateful to Christ, and he will spue those under its influence out of his mouth. We should rouse ourselves and others to our duty about the public interests of Christ’s kingdom, and love that Zion whom no man seeketh after. The zeal of others in spreading the gospel through the world, should animate us to hold fast what we have, and to pray earnestly, and to prayer add active exertions, that the whole earth may be filled with the glory of Christ. Those who love Christ, and prize his gospel, have the most tender sympathy with the people sitting in darkness, having no light. 5. That Christ is a good master, and will not allow any thing we do for him, in the spirit of the gospel, to lose its reward. In keeping his commandments there is a great reward; they have great peace who love his law. True religion is indeed its own recompence; godliness hath the promise of this life, and of the life to come. If we confess him before men, he will confess us before his Father; if we confess him in this world, he will not deny us in the next; if we serve him, and follow him; where he is, there will we be also; and his Father will honour us: if we continue with him in his temptations, he will give us a kingdom, that we may eat and drink at his table, in his kingdom,