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as the wind; and if he did this, he was to have the golden bird given him for his own.

So he set out onee more on his journey, sighing, and in great despair, when on a sudden his good Mend the fox met him, and said,

  • ' You see now what has happened on account of your not listening

to my counsel. I will still, however, tell you how to find the golden horse, if you will do as I bid you. You must go straight on till you come to the castle where the horse stands in his stall : by his side will lie the groom fast asleep and snoring : take away the horse quietly, but be sure to put the old leathern saddle upon him, and not the golden one that is dose by it." Then the son sat down on the fox's tail, and away they went over stock and stone till their hair whistled in the wind.

All went right, and the groom lay snoring with his hand upon the golden saddle. But when the son looked at the horse, he thought it a great pity to put the leathern saddle upon it " I will give him the good one," said he ; " I am sure he deserves it" As he took up the golden saddle the groom awoke and cried out so loud, that all the guards ran in and took him prisoner, and in the morning he was again brought before the court to be judged, and was sentenced to die. But it was agreed, that, if he could bring thither the beautiful princess, ho should live, and have the bird and horse given him for his own.

Then he went his way again very sorrowful ; but the old fox came and said, " Why did not you listen to me ? If you had, you would have carried away both the bird and the horse ; yet will I once more give you counsel Go straight on, and in the evening you will arrive at a castle. At twelve o'clock at night the princess goes to the bathing-house ; go up to her and give her a kiss, and she will let you lead her away ; but take care you do not suffer her to go and take leave of her father and mother." Then the fox stretched out hifl tail»