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AH went right : then the fox said, " When you come to the castle "where the bird is, I will stay with the princess at the door, and you will ride in and speak to the king; and when he sees that it is the right horse, he will bring out the bird ; but you must sit still, and say that you want to look at it, to see whether it is the true golden bird ; and when you get it into your hand, ride away."

This, too, happened as the fox said ; they carried off the bird, the princess mounted again^ and they rode on to a great wood. Then the fox came, and said, " Pray kill me, and cut off my head and my feet." But the young man refused to do it : so the fox said, " I will at any rate give you good counsel: beware of two things; ransom no one from the gallows, and sit down by the side of no river." Then away he went Well," thought the young man, it is no hard matter to keep that advice."

He rode on with the princess, till at la^st he came to the village where he had left his two brothers. And there he heard a great noise and uproar ; and when he asked what was the matter, the people said, '* Two men are going to be hanged." As he came nearer, he saw that the two men were his brothers, who had turned robbers ; so he said, "Cannot they in any way be saved?" But the people said "No," unless he would bestow all his money upon the rascals and btiy their liberty. Then he did not stay to think about the matter, but paid what was asked, and his brothers were given i:^, ;and went on with him towards their home.

And as they came to the wood where the fox first met them, it was so cool and pleasant that the two brothers said, " Let us sit down by the side of the river, and rest awhile, to eat and drink." " Very weU," said he, and forgot the fox's coimsel, and sat down on the side of the river; and while he suspected nothing, they came behind, and threw him down the bank, and took the princess, the horse, and