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are the same as those of and , multiplied by . On the other hand and shall stand to , and in the same relation us and to and . From the relation , the following equations follow

(C) .

and from the relation we have


For the components in the directions perpendicular to , and to each other, the equations are to be multiplied by .

Then the following equations follow from the transfermation equations (12), 10), (11) in § 4, when we replace by .


In consideration of the manner in which enters into these relations, it will be convenient to call the vector with the components in the direction of and in the directions perpendicular to the Convection current. This last vanishes for .

We remark that for the equations immediately lead to the equations by means of a reciprocal Lorentz-transformation with as vector; and for , the equation leads to , that the "fundamental equations of Æther" discussed in § 2 becomes in fact the limitting case of the equations obtained here with .