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much more rapidly and securely, were proper means used for that purpose.[1] Its importance in a commercial point of view, is thus stated by Juarros; he says, “It affords every convenience and advantage for carrying on an extensive traffic in the Pacific. Its contiguity to the city of Guatimala, would enable speculators to obtain all the productions of the country at a moderate rate, which could be conveyed by land carriage to the place of embarkation at a trifling expense, on a road that was opened and levelled in 1539, for the purpose of transporting upon carriages some of Alvarados small vessels. There is excellent anchorage well sheltered on every point, there are neither reefs nor shallows, and the entrance is perfectly safe and easy. A redoubt with four or six pieces of cannon would afford protection to the shipping; and for the construction of such a defence, there are many eligible points. With respect to ship building, the advantages are of still greater importance,

  1. Route to Acajutla Route to Istapa
    Leagues Leagues
    Guatimala to Los Arcos, 9 Guatimala to Amatitanm, 6
    Cuajaniquilapa, 6 San Christoval, 3
    Puente de los Esclavos, 1 Escuintla, 6
    Oratorio, 3 Mistan, 3
    Galpatagua, 6 Masagua, 1
    Rio de Paz, 5 Ipsanguasati, 4
    Aguachapa, 6 Naranjo, 2
    Apaneca, 5 Overo, 4
    Zonzonate, 9 Salinas Santa Rosa, 5
    Acajutla 5 Raudal, 2
    55 36