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the experiment will be tried, before many years have elapsed.

One subject of dispute among the contending states of Guatimala, is the situation of the capital; the people of San Salvador wishing it removed to their city, as better suited for the trade of the republic.

Should this change ever take place, and it is by no means impossible, although perhaps distant, a still greater weight would be given to the motives, for encouraging foreign traffic by the Pacific, and if to this should be added the cultivation of cocoa, and other fruits near the coast, the state of the country would be materially improved. But before commerce can attain a solid basis, other changes equally important are required, among which new regulations for the recovery of debts is not one of the least. At the present day, no fixed or regular period of payment, can be said to exist. Goods are sold it is true according to their invoice, with a defined period of credit, but if at the expiration of that time, the purchaser finds himself unable to fulfil his contract, or if from avaricious or dilatory motives he does not wish to pay, he asks two, three, or more months' additional credit, which is almost invariably granted. Should he after various delays of this kind become involved in debt, and the patience of his creditors be completely worn