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Boy Scouts

gift in opening his eyes to the foot-writing of the trail. It is like giving sight to the blind man, like the rolling away of fogs from a mountain view, and the trailer comes closer than others to the heart of the woods.

Dowered with a precious power is he, '
He drinks where others sipped,
And wild things write their lives for him
In endless manuscript.

The 'American Morse Telegraph Alphabet

Comma, .-.-

Semicolon, Si Colon. Ko Period ..--..


Quotation, Qn Paragraph, ----

Exclamation, Parenthesis, Pn Brackets, Bn Dollar mark, Sx Dash, Dx Hyphen, Hx Underline, Ux


4. Start me. 5. Have you anything for me? 9- Train order (or important military message)—give away. 13. Do you understand?