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Appendix 367 merits, to be used in learning the Morse code, may be secured through any electrical supply houae. The instrument illus- trated, five ohms, price, $L30. ' Tracking Irons: Excellent tracking irons can be made of ?inch heavy band iron, using the design presented here. Any local blacksmith will gladly ?_s_?st the boys in making their irons.

  • T?oop Colors: Made of superior wool bunting upper

half, red; lower half, white. Reproduction ?? ?00? of the official badge super-imposed in g?en space left for troop ? number and name of city. Size of flag, 2e in. by 3 6 in. Letters to be attached by the local troop. Price withcut letters $i.oo.

  • Trousers: Full length for scout masters: Made of

Standard olive drab cotton cloth, belt loop. Price $e.oo. If .breeches axe preferred, they may be had at same price. Better quality of boy scout suits--made of U.S. Army standard olive drab doth. Coat $2.5% breeches Watch: Every scout should possess a good watch. No par- ticular make of watch is recom- mended. The choice of this article is left entirely with the boy and may be bought through a local jewder. Water Bottle: In some cases where the individual scout is not furnished with a canteen, the patrol may desire to carry supply of water on the march. For this purpose water bottles capable of carrying a large quantity of water may be secured. These should be purchased through some army supply house.

  • Whist&s: Scout standard whistle, for

use in signaling by whistle. Made of brass, gun metal finish, ting at end to attach to lanyard. Price xo cents. ?i?itiz?d by(?00?