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ments, to be used in learning the Morse code, may be secured through any electrical supply house. The instrument illustrated, five ohms, price, $1.30.

Tracking Irons: Excellent tracking irons can be made of ⅞-inch heavy band iron, using the design presented here. Any local blacksmith will gladly assist the boys in making their irons.

*Troop Colors: Made of superior wool bunting upper half, red; lower half, white. Reproduction of the official badge super-imposed in green and gold sufficient space left for troop number and name of city. Size of flag, 22 in. by 36 in. Letters to be attached by the local troop. Price without letters $1.00.

*Trousers: Full length for scout masters: Made of Standard olive drab cotton cloth, belt loop. Price $2.00. If breeches axe preferred, they may be had at same price. Better quality of boy scout suits—made of U.S. Army standard olive drab doth. Coat $2.50 breeches $2.00

Watch: Every scout should possess a good watch. No particular make of watch is recommended. The choice of this article is left entirely with the boy and may be bought through a local jeweler.

Water Bottle: In some cases where the individual scout is not furnished with a canteen, the patrol may desire to carry supply of water on the march. For this purpose water bottles capable of carrying a large quantity of water may be secured. These should be purchased through some army supply house.

*Whistles: Scout standard whistle, for use in signaling by whistle. Made of brass, gun metal finish, ting at end to attach to lanyard. Price 10 cents.