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The Best Food

for Boy Scouts is

Shredded Wheat

because it has all the muscle-building, bone-making, material in the whole wheat grain prepared in a digestible form, supplying all the strength needed for work or play.

It is ready-cooked and ready-to-eat. It has the greatest amount of body-building nutriment in smallest bulk. Its crispness compels thorough mastication, and the more you chew it the better you like it.

Shredded Wheat is the favorite food of athletes. It is on the trainng table of nearly every college and university in this country. The records show that the winners of many brilliant rowing and track events have been trained on Shredded Wheat..

The BISCUIT is in little loaf form. It is baked a crisp, golden brown. It is eaten with milk or cream, or fruit, or is delicious when eaten as a toast with butter. TRICUIT is the Shredded Wheat wafer—the ideal food for the camp or the long tramp.

Building buster boys is bully business—that's the reason we want to help the Boy Scout mmovement.

The Shredded Wheat Company

Niagara Falls, N.Y.