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The Third Part of

IV. vii. In the True Tragedy this scene and scene six are transposed. Compare note on scene four above. The arrangement of material before the reviser's changes was, then: scene iii., scene v., scene iv., scene vii., scene vi., scene viii.

IV. vii. 8. Ravenspurgh haven. On the coast of Yorkshire, at the mouth of the Humber River. The site is now submerged. Henry IV (Bolingbroke) landed here in 1399. The landing of Edward IV occurred on March 14, 1471.

IV. vii. 40. Sir John Montgomery. The name is Sir Thomas Montgomery in Holinshed, who reports that it was at Nottingham, not York, that Montgomery joined the King and persuaded him to make open claim to the crown.

IV. vii. 50. Drummer. Some copies of the Folio have 'Drumme,' and the True Tragedy 'Drum.'

IV. viii. S. d. Exeter. The Folio substitutes Somerset's name for Exeter's, but the latter's presence is evidenced by lines 34 ('Cousin of Exeter') and 48 ('No, Exeter'), as well as by the abbreviated name 'Exet.' before lines 37 and 51. It is likely that the rôles of Somerset and Exeter were played by the same actor.

IV. viii. 50. S. d. Shout within, 'A Lancaster! A Lancaster!' Edward's troops have apparently been instructed to pass themselves off as adherents of Henry.

IV. viii. 60, 61. The sun shines hot, and if we use delay, Cold biting winter mars our hop'd-for hay. I.e. let us make hay while the sun shines.


V. i. 45. You left poor Henry at the bishop's palace. Compare IV. viii. 33, where Henry says: 'Here at the palace will I rest awhile.' Halle records that when Edward entered London, King Henry's friends fled, 'leuinge kyng Henry alone, as an hoste