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King Henry the Sixth, III. i

Inferreth arguments of mighty strength,
And in conclusion wins the king from her,
With promise of his sister, and what else,
To strengthen and support King Edward's place. 52
O Margaret! thus 'twill be; and thou, poor soul,
Art then forsaken, as thou went'st forlorn.

Hum. Say, what art thou, that talk'st of kings and queens?

King. More than I seem, and less than I was born to: 56
A man at least, for less I should not be;
And men may talk of kings, and why not I?

Hum. Ay, but thou talk'st as if thou wert a king.

King. Why, so I am, in mind; and that's enough. 60

Hum. But, if thou be a king, where is thy crown?

King. My crown is in my heart, not on my head;
Not deck'd with diamonds and Indian stones,
Nor to be seen: my crown is call'd content; 64
A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.

Hum. Well, if you be a king crown'd with content,
Your crown content and you must be contented
To go along with us; for, as we think, 68
You are the king King Edward hath depos'd;
And we his subjects, sworn in all allegiance,
Will apprehend you as his enemy.

King. But did you never swear, and break an oath? 72

Hum. No, never such an oath; nor will not now.

King. Where did you dwell when I was King of England?

Hum. Here in this country, where we now remain.

King. I was anointed king at nine months old; 76
My father and my grandfather were kings,

50 in conclusion: finally
51 what else: anything else he desires
57 should not: could hardly
71 apprehend: arrest