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The Life of

K. Hen. Give me thy glove, soldier: look,
here is the fellow of it. 41

'Twas I, indeed, thou promisedst to strike;
And thou hast given me most bitter terms.

Flu. An 't please your majesty, let his neck
answer for it, if there is any martial law in the

K. Hen. How canst thou make me satis-
faction? 48

Will. All offences, my lord, come from the
heart: never came any from mine that might
offend your majesty.

K. Hen. It was ourself thou didst abuse.

Will. Your majesty came not like yourself:
you appeared to me but as a common man;
witness the night, your garments, your lowli-
; and what your highness suffered under 56
that shape, I beseech you, take it for your own
fault and not mine: for had you been as I took
you for, I made no offence; therefore, I beseech
your highness, pardon me. 60

K. Hen. Here, uncle Exeter, fill this glove with crowns,
And give it to this fellow. Keep it, fellow;
And wear it for an honour in thy cap
Till I do challenge it. Give him the crowns: 64
And, captain, you must needs be friends with him.

Flu. By this day and this light, the fellow
has mettle enough in his belly. Hold, there is
twelve pence for you, and I pray you to serve 68
God, and keep you out of prawls, and prabbles,
and quarrels, and dissensions, and, I warrant
you, it is the better for you.

43 terms: words
55 lowliness: humble bearing
69 prabbles: squabbles