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impartiality of the then Governor, the Duke of Buckingham, the second "glorious little man" who has come out of England to India, little did the authorities or the public of that day think that the first Indian appointed to the place would even after a lapse of forty years remain the best judge by far and away appointed since then. To such a man to find a successor was difficult, bufc the option of the Government anticipated the verdict of the public in the appointment of Mr. Subramaniem to a temporary vacancy caused by the illness of Sir T. Muthusawmy Iyer. The Hindu wrote of the appointment as follows:—

"There is not another Hindu gentleman in this presidency in whom the community has greater confidence or who has more endeared himself to it not merely by his attainments, a highly engaging manner, but by invaluable service he has rendered to it. He is perhaps the only instance known for many years of a Hindu gentleman who has won the confidence of the Government as well as the public. Mr. Subramanya Iyer was appointed by Sir M. E. Grant Duff for the first time as a member of the Legislative Council in which position he made himself so useful to Govern-