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Many different cultures in time and space have been a part thereof. However, during all this time there has been a philosophical—cultural matrix inextricably joining the peoples of the Anahuac to us, Mexicans of the twenty-first century, in spite of our historical and cultural amnesia- as a continuation of their work and legacy. Only in colonizing minds, is this historical and cultural continuity unfeasible. Colonists have created our fictional but painful cultural orphanage in order to continue our exploitation and the depredation of our natural patrimony.

We urgently need to re-build, re-think and re-invent a history of our own. We must do so without fearing the "sacred cows", the rigid Academy, and the "organic intellectuals". History belongs to those who create it, rather than those who "investigate" it. The history of México must return to the people. It is to be told, and felt, by the people.

But however difficult this task may be, we hold the pieces of the puzzle; it will depend on the sensitivity, creativity and spiritual force of whomever intends to try. Our Old Grandparents, and their legacy of wisdom, are still alive in the depths of the souls and hearts of the children of their children; the Mexicans of today.