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half of it was eaten;—"and," continued he, "my enemies have never persecuted me so much during my whole stay in the island, as they have done during these last five days." I was not bold enough to ask what kinds of persecutions he had suffered: I only asked him to have some one to wait upon him. He consented, and kept Bede, the some of us with him;Bede, the elder and Wahlstood remain with Bp. Cuthbert. amongst whom was the priest Beda the elder, who had always been used to familiar attendance upon mm. This man was consequently a most faithful witness of every thing which he gave or received, whom Cuthbert wished to keep with him to remind him if he did not make proper compensation for any presents which he might receive, that before he died he might render to every one his own. He kept also another of the brethren with him, who had long suffered from a violent diarrhoea, and could not be cured by the physicians; but, for his religious merit, and prudent conduct and grave demeanour, was thought worthy to hear the last words of the man of God, and to witness his departure to the Lord.

§ 63. Meanwhile I returned home, and told the brethren that the holy father wished to be buried in his own island; and I added my opinion, that it would be more proper and becoming to obtain his consent for his body to be transported from the island, and buried in the monastery with the usual honours. My words pleased them, and we went to the bishop, and asked him, saying, "We have not dared, my Lord Bishop, to despise your injunction to be buried here, and yet we have thought proper to request of you permission to transport your body over to the monastery, and so have you amongst us." To which he replied, "It was also my wish to repose here, where I have fought my humble battles for the Lord, where, too, I wish to finish my course, and whence I hope

to be lifted up by a righteous Judge to obtain the crown of righteousness. But I think it better for you, also, that I should repose here, on account of the fugitives