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the last section, affords many interesting particulars of English History. As a system of Chronology, it is important; and drew forth, no doubt, in the eighth century as much attention as those of Usher, Newton, and Hales, did in the respective periods of their promulgation.

"The Narrative of the Translation of the Body of St, Cuthbert" from Lindisfarne to Durham, extends from the year 875 to the Episcopate of William, Bishop of Durham, who succeeded Walcher in 1080. Of its anonymous author nothing is known; and the text adopted in the translation is that revised by Mr. Stevenson, and published by the English Historical Society in 1841.

A General Index to the entire volume has been added by the publisher; who is also responsible for the few notes, both marginal and otherwise, interspersed through the following pages, the absence of the translator on the Continent, during the progress of the work through the press, having been caused by a severe domestic affliction.


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