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habitants, lay before them the words of exhortation, and in the character of leader of the celestial warfare, set an example of life together with all who may have come with you.

§ 5. And because your diocese is too extensive, for you alone to go through it, and preach the word of God in every village and hamlet, even if you give a whole year to it; Parochial clergy it is necessary that you appoint others to assist you in the holy work, by ordaining priests and nominating teachers who may be zealous in preaching the word of God in every village, and celebrating the holy mysteries, and especially by performing the sacred rites of baptism wherever opportunity may offer. And in setting forth such preaching to the people, I consider it above every other thing important, that you should endeavour to implant deeply in the memory of all men the Catholic faith which is contained in the Apostles Creed, and the Lord's Prayer as it is taught us in the Holy Gospel.The Belief and the Lord's Prayer to be taught in the vulgar tounge And, indeed, there is no doubt that those who have studied the Latin language will be found to know Lord's Prayer these well; but the vulgar, that is, those who know only their vulgar their own language, must be made to say them and repeat them over and over again in their own tongue. This must be done not only in the case of laymen, who are still in the life of the world, but with the clergy or monks, who are without a knowledge of the Latin tongue. For thus every congregation of the faithful will learn in what manner they ought to show their faith, and with what steadfastness of belief they should arm and fortify themselves against the assaults of unclean spirits: and thus every choir of those who pray to God will learn what they ought especially to ask for from the Divine Mercy. Wherefore, also, I have myself often given English translations of both these, namely, the Creed and the Lord's Prayer, to uneducated priests. For the holy prelate, Ambrose, also, speaking of faith, gives this admonition, that all the faithful should repeat the words of