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is two cubits long and one broad, is set out on a golden altar with the holy cross exposed to view: the Emperor first approaches, and after him all the different ranks of laymen, in order, kiss and worship it: on the following day the Empress and all the married women and virgins do the same; but on the third day the bishops and different orders of the clergy do it, and then the chest is shut and carried back to the closet before mentioned. As long as it remains open on the altar, a wonderful odor spreads through the whole church. For an odoriferous liquor like oil flows from the knots of the holy wood, the least drop of which cures every complaint which a man may be afflicted with.

"Descripsi breviter finesque situsque locorum,
Pagine sacra magis qu£e memoranda refert,
Beda, sequens veterum monumenta simulque novorum
Charta magistrorum quae sonet inspiciens.
Da, Jesu, patriam semper tendamus ad illam,
Quam beat seternum visis summa tui."

Thus have I sought in these few words to trace
The form and site of every holy place.
For this memorials of past times have brought.
And from each writer new instruction sought.
Grant, Jesus, that in Heaven we all may rest.
And be for ever with Thy presence blest!





Thus much have I written concerning the Holy Places, following, to the best of my knowledge, the truth of history, and in particular the dictation of Arculph, Bishop of Gaul, which Admnan referred to Adamnan, that priest so learned in Holy Scripture, hath set down in his jagged style, and comprised in three books. For the above-named bishop,