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Onlafbald. was occupied by Onlafbald; who was still more furious than the other towards his people, and thereby drew destruction on himself. For at length, when he was every way injuring and molesting the bishop, the congregation and the people of St. Cuthbert's, and pertinaciously usurping to himself the farms which properly belonged to the bishopric, the bishop, wishing to gain him over to the Lord, said to him, "I beseech you, lay aside this obstinacy of mind, and refrain from this unlawful invasion of ecclesiastical property; for, if you despise my admonitions, do not doubt that the Holy Confessor will severely avenge the injuries which you have heaped upon him and his."' The other, at these words, was excited to most diabolical anger, and replied, "Do you talk to me of the threats of this dead man? Do you think he can help you against me? I call my Gods to witness that I will show myself a most bitter enemy to this dead fellow, as well as to you." Upon this, the bishop and all the brethren fell upon their faces, and prayed to God and the Holy Confessor that his threats might be defeated. The wretch himself had come as far as the entrance, and already had placed one foot within, and one without the threshold, when of a sudden both his feet were held fast, as if by nails, to the ground, and could neither come in nor go out, but remained immoveable where he was. Here he remained some time in anguish, until he confessed aloud the sanctity of the Holy Confessor, and yielded up his soul the next moment in the place where he was standing. The others were frightened at this warning, and never again presumed to invade the lands or anything else which belonged to the church.